I dream in Technicolor

I finally slept solid last night, but had a rather disturbing dream just before I woke up. I was a teenager at a school that had been taken over by terrorists. I hid myself in a small service room and escaped through the window. About 20 other kids also escaped, and after we were loaded on a bus to be taken to police headquarters, the school was bombed and everyone else died.

I think I’ve been watching too many action flicks. I blame Fahim and his selection of predominantly action flicks.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet just how many dvd movies Fahim has. Let me tell you now. Somewhere over 200. Easily.

Shall I count?

Yup, this just goes to support my analness.

Fahim has two cd/dvd cases – each one holds 100 cds or dvds. They’re both full of dvds. Granted, some of the movies have more than one dvd, and there are a few empty slots – but only a few. Plus he has another 15 dvd cases to my left, and while three of those hold 24 Season One, the rest are movies, and some of them are 3 movies on one dvd, and he has more movies at his parent’s house that he hasn’t brought here yet – yeah, he has way more than 200 movies on dvd. Sick, ain’t it?

I mean, I enjoy movies, I really do, but. . .

So when I need entertainment, all I have to do is look through his catalog of movies and find something. A lot of his movies I’ve seen, but there are a few I haven’t, and those are the ones I’ve been watching first.

I finished watching Tin Cup, and it was nothing like what I thought it would be like. I rather enjoyed it. After that, I watched The Big Lebowski. Not fond of the language or some of the more, er, interesting scenes. It had an interesting story line. Would I watch it again? Yeah. Probably not. At least, not anytime soon.

Then I watched Terminator. The first one.

I’ve never seen Terminator before. I’ve seen the second one – probably a couple of years ago for the first time. And sometime in the last couple of weeks before I left Canada, I saw Terminator 3. But the first one – this was the first time, and I enjoyed it. Of course.

Later, we watch the series pilot for Birds of Prey – a Batman spinoff involving his daughter and others. Fahim tells me that this is all fairly true to the comics. I had no idea there were comics along these lines – but I’m uninformed in that area.

Robin, Fahim’s friend who he works with, downloaded Birds of Prey and has a bunch more episodes which Fahim will get from him – probably tomorrow or next week. Robin is currently downloading the last half or so of the first season.

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