I am a terrible, terrible wife.

So*. I did it again.

Not with the curry powder this time, although I did run out of that again a few months back. 🙁 Whatever is this world coming to? I’m horrified at the thought!

But no, this time, it was both red chilli powder and red chilli flakes.


This time, I was cooking up roasted peppers in a cream sauce (peppers roasting in one pan, cream sauce making in another) and was about to add some red chilli powder to the cream sauce. Well, it wasn’t cream sauce yet – it was, at this point, onions, garlic, and Thai chillies sautéing – and I’d just added salt and was about to add the red chilli powder.

I’d just filled up the jar two days ago. The jar holds an entire bag (100 grams, I think) of chilli powder. So*, no, not running out yet.

But then I dropped the jar.

It landed on the counter, bounced off, and landed on the floor.

Tiled floor.

Hard as concrete tiled floor. Probably because beneath the tiles is concrete.

And it shattered.

🙁 😥

All that red chilli powder on the floor mixed in with shattered glass.

And because I’d just filled up the jar, I didn’t have a spare bag on hand. Or, er, in the freezer, since that’s where I’ve taken to keeping our spices so the bugs don’t get into them and they don’t go bad. Cuz that’s what ya gotta do in this country.

So* I grabbed my jar of red chilli pepper flakes.

There was only a couple teaspoons left. 😥

I wasn’t worried before the jar of red chilli powder broke. About the red chilli flakes being so low, I mean. It could have lasted us until we go shopping on Friday. But now, with no red chilli pepper powder…

I dumped it all in with the onions, garlic, and green chillies.

And I’m sad.

Sad that, now, for the rest of the week, I have no more red chilli powder or red chilli pepper flakes to use. 🙁

The only good news to come out of this? At least I have enough Thai chillies in the fridge. And in the cream sauce (I put in four or five). We won’t have to go without spicy food in its entirety.

But it just isn’t the same. 🙁

Author: LMAshton

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