Are you ready for Christmas?

I am. But that’s because…

a. I don’t mail gifts overseas for the most part. No one sends any to me, so it’s all fair.

b. There’s no one here I exchange gifts with.

c. I don’t do cards. I keep feeling I should change that, and yet, I never do quite manage.

d. The maid – a new one – is here cleaning as I type, so the place will be clean for Christmas even though I’m the only one who’ll care

e. Fahim doesn’t celebrate Christmas, we don’t do turkey and the rest of that lot, and we’ll probably go out for Chinese or Indian that day just so Fahim can appease me

f. My sister & her family and Fahim & I are doing our gift exchange the next time the lot of them are in town, which is April. *smile*

So, yeah. I’m ready. *Evil Laugh*

Author: LMAshton
Howdy! I'm a beginner artist, hobbyist photographer, kitchen witch, wanderer by nature, and hermit introvert. This is my blog feed. You can find my fediverse posts at

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