Gotukola Sambol

I made Gotukola Sambol today for the first time ever.

I’ve had it – frequently, the packets we get from the Seven Plus have gotukola sambol in it.

The packets have either white or red rice – Fahim prefers white, I prefer red. Then there’s the protein – chicken, fish, egg, or not at all. Then there’s two different vegetable dishes and a sambol.

You can think of sambol as a type of salad. That’s probably one of the easiest ways of thinking of it. But they’re not north american style salads by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ll be adding Gotukola Sambol to the recipes on my website. Long story short? It has gotukola – a leafy plant along the same size lines as mint but tasting more like, what?

Author: LMAshton

2 thoughts on “Gotukola Sambol

  1. Hello Laurie,we love gotukola too,a doctor once told me not to cut gotukola too small when making sambol, and you could also make it without adding coconut, I have tried it with lots of red onions its really very good and healthier this way,hope you will try it.

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