Computer repairs in Sri Lanka

I’m getting into doing computer repairs for various people from church. It seems to happen wherever I am. 🙂 The local computer techs are really not that good at all, and that was a generous comment. The Merrells had hired three separate computer techs, and these guys had done collectively probably about 50 or 60 hours of computer repair on their computers, and they still had the same problems happening. They tell me the error messages and problems they have, I tell Fahim, and he says exactly what needs to be fixed. I go to their place, install required patch, major problem is fixed in less than one minute. I then check their computer for virus / worm / trojans, etc, and find about 50 virii on their computer that previous techies didn’t even catch. We take care of that, and 95% of their problems are fixed. After that, it’s little stuff. Seriously little stuff. We had them up and running in a couple of hours, and the only reason it takes that long is because of the software taking that long to a. install, b. update, and c. scan the entire computer. And I’m done. And they love me. 🙂

So that’s turned into a little side business generating some play money, which is always nice. Next Thursday, I’m going up to Negombo – an hour drive north – to fix a computer up there. Yep.

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