Favourite Photos of 2003

Fahim and I, Sri Lankabeef stall, Sri LankaTellulah, trying to escape, Sri LankaBombay onions, finger bananas, Sri LankaFahim and his goofy smile, Sri LankaI haven’t been in the habit of doing "The Best of…" posts, but I thought it might be nice to do one about my best or favourite photos of 2009. Then I thought, well, since I haven’t done anything about prior years, either, then maybe I should do something to catch up?

Yeah, I’m kinda predictable that way. 😀

So this is me catching up on the prior years. 🙂

I’ll post one year a day until I’m caught up. And here’s 2003…

The first photo, naturally enough, is the photo that starts this whole thing off. It’s Fahim and I on August 15th, 2003. The day my new life started. The day I arrived in Sri Lanka. The day Fahim and I met in person for the first time. The day we had our first kiss. The day we married…

All in all, a very good day as far as we’re concerned. 🙂

The second photo is of a beef shop which, in many ways, typifies the local shopping experience.

The third photo is of Tellulah, trying to escape. And succeeding. She didn’t go far that day, although just a few months later, she was stolen on another day that she went walkabout. Or, at least, that’s one theory.

In the fourth picture are Bombay onions and finger bananas. The Bombay onions are known locally as big onions, even though they’re as small as the smallest regular onions I bought in Canada, where onions can get quite large. 🙂

The finger bananas are sweet and more flavourful than the bananas I had in Canada.

And the last photo is Fahim, the reason I came to Sri Lanka. He’s goofy, he makes faces, he’s funny, and he can always make me laugh, even when I’m mad at him. 😀

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