Fahim’s Still Sick

He elected to not continue his fasting today. I think it’s wise. He stayed in bed until close to 9 am, and that’s probably the best thing for him. He looks terrible. (I’m sorry, honey, but it’s true.)

He may not go to work today, either. It’s already 9:20 am, and he hasn’t yet gotten out of his sarong, which is his version of pyjamas. Mind you, he didn’t get dressed yesterday either except to go to the store.

Reality is, though, that he could have gone to the store in his sarong. There are enough men here who regularly wear sarongs in public, out on business, that it’s not a big deal. I’m getting used to seeing men in sarongs everywhere – even in church. Can’t help but get used to it – it’s everywhere. Usually, the men in sarongs are wearing cheap little rubber thongs – you know, flip flops.

I have flip flops, but they’re my house slippers. It doesn’t matter how much I scrub the floors, they’ll probably always be dirty. It’s kind of funny. It took me over a month to convince Fahim that wearing flip flops for house slippers is a good idea, but it only took about a week of him wearing them all the time that he commented on the occasional time I didn’t wear mine and what was wrong with me? He’s now completely converted to wearing them as house slippers. It helps that he got the expensive, and therefore much more comfortable, ones. Cuz he’s allergic to rubber, which the really cheap ones are made of.

As a further comment on flip flops, they are very commonly worn here by people of all ages. Michele from church commented earlier this week that those were the only shoes some of the girls at girls camp in summer had. Certainly not appropriate for hiking, so that activity was scrapped.

I have, a couple of times, walked out the door with the flip flops on my feet, forgetting to switch to my outdoor sandals. Fahim stops me, saying, "Going native?" Oops.

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