Big Trucks on Little Roads

Here’s a big truck on our little road. It was trying to turn right, but couldn’t – until the red car, which you can’t see but is parked on the right side of the road moved. Sometimes, two vehicles can pass each other on our streets. But big trucks and a vehicle? Well, let’s just say I’d love to see it happen.

Meanwhile, there were two people in the vehicle. A driver and someone in the passenger seat. Gee, the logic behind that statement.

The passenger gets out, the driver starts honking, the passenger sees me through our window, and he immediately starts yelling at me. I presume he was telling me to move the vehicle. Sorry, buddy, not mine. He keeps yelling, the driver keeps honking, and he keeps staring at me. I, of course, move out of sight – and watch from another window. 🙂 They’re yelling and getting increasingly impatient to drive on.

It didn’t, of course, occur to them that all they had to do really was go straight, take the next right, take the next right, then take the next left, and they’d wind up exactly where they wanted to. It would have been far quicker for them had they done that.

Obviously, that option did not occur.

They honked and yelled for at least ten minutes. Finally, a man from the house across the street comes running out of the house, waves at them, pleading with them to stop honking, I’m guessing, and moves his car. This guy, as a side note, parks his car in front of our house most days. He goes to the house across the street. Around the corner in front of the other side of the house, there’s actually significantly more room to park his car. But no, he parks it in front of ours.

He used to park his car right in front of our gate. And I do mean right in front. With barely enough room for me or Fahim to leave through it. We have no other exit. One day, I saw him getting into his car, so I quickly ran down and told him not to park in front of the gate. Okay, whatever. He hasn’t since. Still in front of our house, but no longer blocking our access. Okay. Whatever you say.

Anyway, the truck keeps going, and yep, it lands up exactly where I thought it would, and they would have arrived a lot sooner had they just driven around like I thought. Oh well.

Author: LMAshton
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