Day 31/#365 Squirrel Love

I stood on our balcony, looking around, enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and calling and singing to each other.

Across the way, I saw a squirrel on a roof. Then another squirrel joined the first. Then the first squirrel (let’s say, for arguments sake, that this one’s the female squirrel) starting scampering away with the second one (and for arguments sake, this one will be the male squirrel) following closely behind.

Girl squirrel ran from one roof to the next, running in circular patterns with the boy squirrel following in those same circular patterns. This went on for a while until they both ran over to the other side of the roof, out of view.

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Author: LMAshton

2 thoughts on “Day 31/#365 Squirrel Love

  1. The house I grew up in had hickory trees all around and in the autumn the squirrels would roll the nuts constantly on our roof. Mama used to say they were bowling which is what her daddy used to tell her about the squirrels on the roof of their house when she was little. 😀
    .-= Virginia Lee´s last blog ..365 Photo Project: Day 33 =-.

  2. 😀 I love the bowling thing. 😀

    About the creature in our roof – I usually describe it as moving furniture with all the noise it makes, but it’s at least 10, maybe 20 times a squirrel’s size. 🙂

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