Damro’s. It’s time to buy a bed.

Mervyn’s waiting for me, so I hop in the trishaw and we head to Damro’s. I SMSed Fahim so he’d know when to meet us there, but he wasn’t there yet when I arrived.

I went in and was immediately met at the door by some young guy who probably thought he could sell the entire contents of the store to funny looking pale faced crazy white lady. I told him I was waiting for my husband, and downcast face and all, he motioned to some seats for me to sit on.

I sat down long enough to SMS Fahim that I was already there – in case he hadn’t left work yet – and then I decided to take a look at the beds they had.

There were three in the downstairs showroom. Funny, as large as the stairs were, I didn’t see them to even realize there was an upstairs to the place. So I only saw the three downstairs, and I didn’t much like either of them.

Two had wooden headboards with an inset of pink puffy fabric covered by clear plastic. Not my idea of ideal. The other was black metal with ivy leaves – also not my idea of ideal, but over the other two, I’d take it if that was all I was left with.

When Fahim arrived – a mere couple of minutes later, I told him my opinion of the two pink ones. He asked if it was the color? I said no, it doesn’t matter what color it is, I don’t want any kind of a headboard with puffy fabric inset with plastic covering. Oh.

So we headed upstairs, which was when I realized that there was an upstairs, and there were several more up there.


These ones were wood, or at least, wood looking. No tacky fabric stuff. Just plain wood. Much more my style.

We picked out one that has a storage bin for pillows, blankets, sheets, whatever, and a place to put things like books and whatnot. It’ll be delivered tomorrow.

But then what about mattresses?

Well, we could get a foam mattress. No, thanks, but that we already have. Or we could get a spring mattress. Yeah, North American style.

I lay down on it, and it was hard. No pillow top. Just hard springs. Oh. Great. But will it be better for my back and shoulders? We don’t know. We’ll give it a try and see what happens.

They have just the two styles of mattresses to chose from, but the spring mattress is available in different colors. Would we like brown with pink accents? Or dark blue with pink accents? Or pink with pink accents? I think we’ll pick pink with pink accents. The other two – well, the pink accents with either brown or dark blue just didn’t work for me. Oh well.

Fahim pays, and since he doesn’t really need me there, I hop in the trishaw and have Mervyn take me home.

Another comment about trishaws. They rarely have change enough to break a 1000 Rupee note, but that’s usually how I get my money. So even though the trishaw ride came to 500 Rupees, Mervyn can’t break the 1000 Rupee note, so I give it to him, and he tells me that he’ll get change and bring it back.

This is commonly done here – when you know the trishaw driver. We’ve dealt with Mervyn enough to know that he’ll return the change, no problem. Heck, we’ve sent him for gas with neither of us along. That’s commonly done here, too, using trishaw drivers whom you know as errand boys. They don’t mind – they just want to earn a living.

Mervyn returns about 45 minutes later with the change. No problem.

After lunch, I got really tired, so I took a nap for a couple of hours, and when I woke up, it was because Fahim’s cell phone rang. It was a call for me from President Sunil Arsecularatne. Pres. Sunil for short. I’ll get into that in a while. But first, I’m going to tell you about cooking.

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