It’s a shopping mall along the lines of Odel’s – geared toward the rich and the foreigners. There are shops in the lowest floor where you can get Italian products, for example – imported cheeses, meats, pastas, things like that. There’s also a grocery store, Keell’s, where predominantly white people shop. The staff speak very good English. I mention I was looking for Sambal Oelik, and the clerk overhead and found it for me. Unfortunately, it’s not the same as the Sambal Oelik I’m used to buying in Canada. This one has onions, sugar, spices, and all sorts of other things added. I want the one that’s just a plain chile paste. I mentioned this to the clerk, and he found a few other products for me that were sort of in the same general vicinity as, but not quite. They all had fish or shrimp or other vegetables added, or stuff like that – again, not just a plain chile paste. I may have to make my own, provided I can find peppers that will do the trick.


Author: LMAshton

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