I did, however, finally find ground cinnamon. I find this interesting – I live in the country where the best cinnamon in the world is grown, and I have difficulty finding ground cinnamon. Is this a reflection on my blindness? Or is this a reflection on how cinnamon is commonly used here? As in, cinnamon sticks. Those, on the other hand, are everywhere. I can find cinnamon sticks in any grocery store I’ve looked in.

When I discussed what type of a cake to bake with Fahim . . .

That is, not which cake to make that had Fahim as the main ingredient. No.

A more logical sentence construction would look like this.

When I discussed with Fahim what type of a cake to bake, and I pointed out a few that had cinnamon as an ingredient, he commented that he didn’t like cinnamon.

The first few times I asked why, I didn’t get much of a response at all from him. But finally, one day, my perserverence (read: sheer stubborness and unwillingness to let the subject go) he finally gave me a little bit more info to go by. He said he didn’t like eating chunks of cinnamon bark.

Uh. Ha! Well, Fahim, guess what? Neither do I.

And that would be the reason I was looking for ground cinnamon. Sheesh.

Author: LMAshton

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