Crafting/DIY As A Form of Self-Defense

I’ve always been a crafter/DIY kind of person – it’s the way we were raised. It’s part self-sufficiency, part economy, part being friendly to the environment, and part getting what I actually want instead of only what’s currently available at the stores.

I started doing even more DIY stuff six years ago when I moved from Canada, where everything is available, to Sri Lanka, where very little is (in terms of what I want, that is.) Crafting/DIY is my form of self-defense against local French bread that isn’t at all (French bread is NOT supposed to be sweet, savoury, dense, or have added oil), mayo that sells for $8 or more a bottle, available clothing only for the petite and tiny when I’m neither, and so on. Seriously, a girl’s gotta have a bra that fits, ya know? 😉

Granted, I started doing even more early in 2008 in defense against the local economy – we’ve had inflation in excess of 20% per month for well over a year, perhaps two. Now, with decreasing oil prices, some prices are dropping, but certainly not to pre-exorbitant inflation levels. Our eggs that started at Rs.45 per ten rose to a high of Rs.160 per ten, but only dropped to Rs.150 per ten, for example.

But, to me, crafting/DIY is a way of life, a way of reducing my carbon footprint, of making my world a better place any way I can.

As a result, I’ve learned how to make shalwaar kameez, handbags, mayonnaise, ginger candy, Sri Lankan food, sourdough breads/cakes/pancakes/and so on, un-petroleum jelly/lip balm, and more, and I’ve even learned how to bake on the stove. I’ve quilted, crocheted (although I suck at keeping straight lines), and knitted. I’ve tried cross-stitch and embroidery, but am not very good at either.

Things I’d like to do? Cook with a solar oven – gotta make that solar oven first, though. 🙂 Make soaps & lotions (without scents or colours or other ingredients that I or the hubby or others in his family react to). Hmm… Give me some ideas? 😀 Yeah, that’s a very evil thought…

What about you? Are you into DIY/crafting? If so, what do you do? If not, why not? What would you like to learn?

Author: LMAshton
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2 thoughts on “Crafting/DIY As A Form of Self-Defense

  1. Wow! I can’t imagine inflation that bad. I am cooking more at home these days to save money, and calories. And I did learn to make my own granola. So much cheaper and better than store bought.
    Other than food, I do make my own greeting cards.

  2. Yeah, the inflation was pretty bad. There were a few months it was 28%+.

    I’ve made granola in the past and definitely agree with much better than store-bought, but haven’t made it in a long time. Hmm, that’s an idea… 🙂

    Making greeting cards is cool! I have friends who did stamping, making their own cards as well. I made a few with them, but it didn’t really catch on with me. Not sure why. But I was always impressed with what they did. Do you do stamping or painting or something else with your greeting cards?

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