Coolness. Blessed Coolness.

It stayed cool all night. We had the fan on a fairly low setting – 2 out of 5 – and it was cool enough that I had to cover up with my sarong nearly the whole night, plus Fahim and I had to huddle for warmth.

Considering that his rash is made worse by heat and sweat, you can imagine that he hasn’t wanted me touching him for a couple of weeks. Considering that he still has the rash, the fact that we were touching at all is an excellent indicator of how cool it was.

It was so cool that Fahim tells me not to take a shower. I still have my cold, and with no water heater, the water would be too cold to shower in. I’d just get more sick than I already was. He was right. He’s always right. (There ya go, Fahim, it’s even in print for ya!)

Usually, when I wake in the morning, even with the fan running, I’m still covered in a layer of sweat. Not this morning. I woke up feeling great – no sweat, no stickiness, nothing. It was like waking up in Canada.

The coolness lasted until late afternoon, when it finally started warming up.

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