Because Baskin Robbins

Yes, they really have made it to Sri Lanka. I was dubious at first since the signage had a different logo than the one I'd last seen in Canada eight years before this, but alas, I believe it's the real thing. Because, yes, I did check the Baskin Robbins website later to check out the official logo, and alas, it matches.

Seriously. Baskin Robbins. In Sri Lanka.

Sadly, it wasn't up to snuff. Ice creams were incorrectly labelled. And not just one or two, but around a third of the ice cream flavours. And there were the empty sections and the duplicated ice cream flavours, so really, there were about half the flavours there should have been.


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4 thoughts on “Because Baskin Robbins

  1. Yep, that’s the current logo. I don’t recall when it changed. And I cannot ever remember being at a BR that actually had 31 flavors on hand. But they usually don’t duplicate or mislabel. Usually. LOL

  2. “We used to have a BR on base, but it closed down; too expensive for the quality provided.”

    I think that’s what’s going to happen in Sri Lanka. We have two excellent brands of ice cream there – Elephant House and Cargills. They have a fairly wide variety of flavours and taste great, and their pricing is reasonably, only marginally more expensive than other brands. The chocolate ice cream for I think EH is the best I remember ever having. Now take BR, and they charge an arm and a leg compared to the two best local brands…

    If BR sticks around, it’ll be because of the status symbol it provides, not the quality of the ice cream, which really is not any better than Sri Lanka’s two best brands. But when we went there, the place was empty except for our family, and we were there for a good half hour in the evening. *shrugs*

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