So*. One suggestion that came from a forum where I’d posted about this was to catch the thing and have a barbecue.

BBQ!!!! Yay!!!!

Oh. Ooops. We don’t have a barbecue. *hangs head in shame* Those things are notoriously difficult to acquire here, and locals just don’t understand what barbecue is.

Although I could set a fire and roast him over a pit or something. The next door neighbors have that, although I’m really not sure what they burn in it. For all I know, it’s for refuse. Or something.

Well, that’s not the only problem in reality. Lizards aren’t halal, no matter how it’s slaughtered or blessed by an Imam. No amphibians are, neither are any animals with claws. Which also means that Fahim will never kill Oberon and eat him.

Well, yeah, kill him maybe…

Anyway, lizard. Delicious he might be, but I’m not gonna wrangle the thing into a pot. Yikes! 😀

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