Animal Control?

If this problem happened in, say, Canada or the US, we could potentially called Animal Control or some variation. Not sure what they’re called in the various areas.

But here, IF animal control existed, they’d do nothing more than laugh at us. These lizards are everywhere, and lots of people have them living on their roofs. Heck, we’ve got at least two more up there now. If the one that’s presently in our garden died or left or something, those other two would just have bigger hunting grounds until one of them fell off. If they left, then others would take over residency.

This is just a fact of life here.

IF animal control actually worked here, if they couldn’t catch it and cage it, they would have no choice but to chase it out through our house. There is no other way out of the back yard.

Nope. It’s a Black Hole. *eek*

Author: LMAshton

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