And yet ANOTHER example of the types of vehicles that shouldn’t be driving down our road. . .

You’d think they’d learn. Eventually.

Evidently, they have not.

It’s a truck carrying a load of scrap metal.

They took a run for it – the corner, that is – then backed up. Then took another run for it. Then backed up. Then took another run for it. And backed up. Again.

Finally, they hugged the left side, possibly scraping the paint off the wall. Which you can’t see because the truck is blocking it.

Oh, by the way, do you notice the guys standing in the back of the truck on the scrap metal?

I know, they blend in rather well – all being dark – their clothes, their skin, their hair, the metal, the truck, the leaves.

Before they went around the corner, I caught a full view of the truck, and there were five or six of them all standing up against the back of the truck.

Author: LMAshton

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