And other things, too.

A user error this morning caused me to wrench my thumb. Painfully. It seems that a certain person was opening the patio door and left her thumb still inserted in the metal grill while her feet started walking away.


No bruise – I guess I got the ice on it quick enough – and I can move it again, so this would be good.

Funny thing was that, while Fahim was eating breakfast, I was sitting beside him, not eating breakfast, but holding ice on my thumb. Finally, about fifteen minutes later, I say something to him like, "And thanks for asking, yes, my thumb will be okay, and no, nothing’s broken."


Yeah, he just is clueless sometimes. 🙂 Like most men. 🙂

Ah, yes. I get joy out of saying that sometimes.

But he kissed it better when he realized what happened, and while it didn’t make it all better, it helped.

Like I said, there’s no bruise. And I AM really surprised at that.

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