Project 365 Day 1 – A Photo A Day

A friend, Benjamin Solah, posted on Facebook that he’d accepted the 365 challenge to take a photo every day. Cool!, I thought, and immediately harassed him to find out the details. He pointed me at a group on Facebook called, oddly enough, 365 Day Challenge. :p Which I promptly joined. Then posted on the wall begging for rules.

As far as I can tell, there are only two rules.

  1. Choose either

    1. Take 1 photo every day for 365 days of anything in your life on that particular day
    2. Take 1 photo every day for 365 days which has to include you!
  2. You just need to take 1 photo every day for 365 days and upload them to facebook.

Uh oh. I’d noticed the 1 photo every day part. I hadn’t noticed the upload them to facebook part. Until now. I don’t tend to upload my photos to Facebook – I’m prejudiced. I don’t trust them and their ever-changing policies and TOS that sometimes include them owning everything that’s posted to their site or that they can use anything posted to their site however they want. I know, they’ve rescinded those bits, but still. Plus I prefer doing things on my blog, so that’s what I’m doing. 🙂

I might get booted. O_O

I don’t know that I’ll succeed. I might miss a few days here and there, but I’ll sure try not to. If anything, this will hopefully become a tool to help me learn how to be more creative in how I see the world and how I imagine/create photos and images. Creativity good. Right? 😉

But more than that, the most challenging part, I think, will be for me to actually POST a picture every day. I get bogged down, I forget, I lose track of things, I get foggy brain… You know the drill. 😀 So this part will also be a challenge, but I’ll do my best. Feel free to remind me if I need a cough kick. 🙂

If you want to join in, please do. I’d love it, in fact. 🙂 Please post a link in the comments section to a permalink of your photo of the day. 🙂

On my own blog, I’ll be tagging these as 365 photos.

And to start things off, here’s a picture I took today. 🙂 Or four.

Edited to add:

I did a search on Twitter for #365 to see if it was already taken, and what do I see but tweets, and lots of them, by other people doing Project 365, another name for this thing. And some of these people have been doing it for a long time – like day 70 and whatnot. Cool!

So now you know – if you’re tweeting about this, use the #365 hashtag. 🙂

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Author: LMAshton

6 thoughts on “Project 365 Day 1 – A Photo A Day

  1. Ashley, you’re doing this, too? Cool!

    I’m far too self-conscious to do a self-portrait thingie, hence me, well, not doing it. 🙂 I sent you an email asking for URL and password. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve done. 🙂

  2. Sweet! I just started doing the 365 project (self-portraits). I’m on day 7 now (I started on Sept 1). I was worried about privacy issues too, so I’ve posted them in a private album on Flickr. I also include a short caption for each picture (100 characters or less).

    After my 365 days, I am going to print a book of all the pictures!

    You’re going to post your pics in your blog? I’d love to follow along! (Laurie, if you want to follow along with my pics, shoot me an email and I’ll send you my flickr details)
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Mashup: Top 5 Useful Firefox Extensions =-.

  3. I love that fruit in your last photo. I always it those when I go to Central America. Delicious! Brought back memories for me. 🙂
    .-= OneDay´s last blog ..The Birds =-.

  4. The star fruit I’ve had – the only star fruit I’ve had – is off that tree. There are apparently other species, but I don’t know how they differ, if at all, in flavour, sweetness, and so on.

    This star fruit was a bit like crab apples, but much less dense and much more crisp. Crisp like a Chinese apple pear, but less dense than that, too. Hmm.

    I like it. Everyone else here – and they’re all sugar fiends, by the way 😉 – thinks they’re too sour. They are a bit sour. Still, I liked it. And would voluntarily have it again. 🙂

  5. Star fruit, huh? What does that taste like anyhow? Also, will I be allergic to it? I am allergic to passionfruit.

    And no, I don’t really expect you to know if I’m allergic or not. Heh.

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