Report a bug, get… a sales pitch for paid support?

I recently updated Twitter Tools to its latest release, version 2.0, and it stopped working properly.

Used to be that, when I posted a new blog entry, Twitter Tools would post the title of that blog entry along with a URL to my Twitter feed. Now, it posts the title of that blog entry, but no URL. I’ve tried it both with the for Twitter Tools (with unsername and valid API key entered correctly) and without, and neither way does it work. Nor, for that matter, does the Hashtag for Twitter Tools work – no hashtag is added to the tweet about the new blog entry.

I went to Alex King’s site, found his contact form, and filled it out.

It appears that this is now the only way to contact you, at least as far as I can find.

I thought you’d like to know that your latest version of Twitter Tools has a bug – it no longer adds the URL to the end of the tweet.

I’ve tested it both with and without the Twitter Tools plugin activated, and neither works. Running the latest WP version.

Thanks for an otherwise useful plugin. 🙂


I received an autoresponder saying the usual "due to excessive volumes of emails, we can’t respond to every one personally" blah blah blah. Fine, no problem.

Then I get this:

Hi Laurie–

Thanks for getting in touch. This appears to be something that may be best handled by the good folks at WordPress HelpCenter:

You can call them directly at: (512) 788-9236 – 9am-7pm Pacific or email to [email protected]

Since I am not in position to provide support of this nature, I helped create WordPress HelpCenter so there is a good resource available to quickly answer questions and provide help.

Hope this helps!






WordPress Help Center, by the way, is paid support.

I wasn’t expecting a personalized response of any kind. Heck, I wasn’t expecting a response. I didn’t ask for help. All I was doing was reporting a bug. Or, at least, what I consider a bug. So why the sales pitch?

I’m not planning on using WordPress Help Center. There are enough things I can do on my end to resolve this – like seeing if I can find an older version of Twitter Tools that isn’t broken, or finding another plugin that can perform the same function, or, at a stretch, seeing if I can fix this plugin myself (or get Fahim to fix it for me).

My question is – what’s your reaction to his email? Do you think this is a sound business strategy? Why or why not?

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