Project #365 Day 170 – Dying

decorative palm, Sri Lanka

Since we don’t have seasons as in winter, summer, spring and fall, but rather we have monsoon/not monsoon seasons, we tend to have leaves turning brown and drying out throughout the year. This is from one of our decorative palms in our front yard.

What do you think about the photo? Do you like it, hate it, or are you indifferent to it? What works for you? What doesn’t? 🙂

Author: LMAshton
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2 thoughts on “Project #365 Day 170 – Dying

  1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog. 🙂 I took a look through your flickr stream and you’ve got some mighty nice photos in there.

    I’ve been thinking of this photo, and I think it has potential, but I think I need to explore it a bit differently, too and see what happens. I think I get into too much of a habit of using the same angles. It might be more interesting if I shoot it with the lines vertical instead of at an angle. But I’ll have to play with it and see what happens. 🙂

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