More on Vesak Poya Day

I mentioned in previous entries (May 2nd and May 4th) that Vesak Poya Day was a big deal.

I even mentioned the lanterns and things that people do.

There was even this bit on the news about Vesak Poya Day and all the different kinds of lanterns people buy and make and all that other stuff.

And I even have some photos to show you.

There are some much better lanterns, but I couldn’t get decent angles on them, and it would be a little rude for me to climb a fence or a gate just to take photos of them, and since these people don’t know me, they wouldn’t just let me in, so . . .

The flag you see on the first and last picture is significant. The colors, specifically. They have some kind of meaning. Uh, what kind of meaning, you ask?



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