We’ve now figured out what all the commotion was earlier.

See, what first alerted us to the lizard being in our backyard was the huge noise it caused when it landed on the ground. Not once, but three times before I finally looked.

A few minutes ago, I watched it try to climb up the wall, but then it fell over. From the noise, it’s done this at least three times since I noticed the lizard. I don’t think it can get out, or at least, it hasn’t figured out how yet. I think it’s too heavy to climb up a wall – it just falls over.

Maybe it needs a weight loss program. 😛
Seriously, though, monitor lizards can climb up straight surfaces like trees. And this lizard in particular I’ve seen crawl up our wall before. It did just that one of the last times it was trapped in our back yard. Why it’s having problems this time, I don’t know. I could wonder how stunned it was because of the times it fell, though.

It’s been close to two hours since it landed down here.

The good thing is that it’s leaving Oberon alone. Oberon, of course, is watching the lizard and wondering what the heck is going on, but has, finally and thankfully, figured out that the lizard is no threat to him.

Well, either that, or he’s just too lazy to care. 😛

This is just… BizzarroWorld. With a twist of lizard. 😉

Author: LMAshton
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