In case you haven't read about this, please do: (Jezebel)

There are a lot of articles about it, talking about the long lines and long long waits while still so many people didn't get their Hello Kitty toy from McDonalds. One facebook user commented, "If I had watched the video without knowing what they were queuing for, I would have thought they might be queuing up for rations in a war torn country." In this article, they talk about Singaporeans braving the awful haze to get their plushy toys. This article has a picture of the McDonald's toys. Which is the first time I've seen what they look like. And then we have one young adult who professes to not want children after the Hello Kitty debacle.

I don't get it, personally. But then, I didn't understand the Cabbage Patch Kids craze, or the Pokemon one or the, uh, whichever other ones there have been.

The picture below? It has absolutely nothing at all to do with McDonalds or their Hello Kitty toys. It is, however, a box of Hello Kitty biscuits I saw in a candy shop in Singapore. In Vivocity, I believe. Because Hello Kitty.

From Singapore