Buh-bye, Avast!

So, remember how I installed Avast! antivirus software a few days ago? I’m ditching it. I’m returning to AVG Free.

Why, you ask, am I mimicking Fahim’s ongoing (yes, yes, still ongoing) juggling of anti-virus software? I’m not, exactly – I’m returning to what is, for me, tried and true.

Avast! has caused problems. Sure, it has a small RAM footprint, but switching tabs within FireFox started taking 2-4 seconds immediately after I installed Avast!, and opening a new document in Word means waiting… up to five or ten minutes… before it’s actually accessible while Avast! runs a virus check. At least, I think it’s running a virus check. I hope that’s what it’s doing. Sort of. But we’re talking about 18kb files – small. Very very small. Too small to take even one minute to scan. Or even 10 seconds, really.

Since all these delays started immediately after Avast!, it’s either Avast! or it’s Avast! interfering with something else which causes this, in which case it’s still Avast! So, Avast! ye mateys, and walk the plank! Yarr!

Meanwhile, Fahim is trying… Something else. Two or three something elses today alone. I wonder about that boy’s sanity, I tell ya. 😀

Ah, that’s better! Avast! is gone, AVG is back, and no more delays! Word works without delays! Yay! Happiness reigns once again! And yes, I AM in love with my exclamation marks. Why do you ask? 🙂

Author: LMAshton
Howdy! I'm a beginner artist, hobbyist photographer, kitchen witch, wanderer by nature, and hermit introvert. This is my blog feed. You can find my fediverse posts at https://a.farook.org/Laurie.

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