A chameleon on our doorstep!

A few days ago, Fahim called to me from downstairs, telling me to hurry and bring my camera. He wouldn’t say anything else, though. So while I didn’t run, I did manage to hurry and reached the door in time to see this chameleon, just standing there on our doorstep.

Although, really, “in time” isn’t entirely accurate.

See, this guy was just standing there, not moving. In fact, I managed a dozen or more pictures and he still hadn’t moved. Fahim commented on how he thought the little guy was waiting to see what we were going to do and maybe we hadn’t noticed him.

Sri Lankan chameleon Sri Lankan chameleon Sri Lankan chameleon

Fahim needed to hang up his towel, but little chameleon dude still wasn’t moving, so finally Fahim chased him away. He didn’t go far, though – only to the driveway, where he stopped again for another photo op. Lucky me. 🙂

Sri Lankan chameleon Sri Lankan chameleon

And now I’m left wondering if this is the same guy that I saw perched on the end post of our wall a couple of weeks ago?

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