It was decided yesterday that we were going to the zoo today. But…

The parents of the kidlets wanted a break from said kidlets, only kidlets were so attached to parents that they have a problem with parents not being with them.

So parents told kidlets a little lie and went off.

So now, we have possession!

And off to the zoo we go!

We took a van so we wouldn’t have to deal with parking (there isn’t any) and related driving hassles, and that ended up being an excellent suggestion from Fahim. We get there, and Fahmi steps up to pay for everyone.

Rs.50 each for Fahim, Fahmi, mom, and dad, Rs.25 each for kidlet one and two, and Rs.500 for me. *rolls eyes*

Never mind that, as a permanent resident, I should only be charged at the local rate, but because I’m white, they refuse. No, they will not look at my passport, no, they don’t care that I’m married to a local, no, they don’t care… They will not consider anything other than I’m white, therefore I AM A FOREIGNER, DAMMIT!

Talk about racism and racial profiling.

Author: LMAshton

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