You know it’s monsoon season when…

15 cm of rain – six inches – fell over the island, resulting in flooding island wide.

One river rose 14 feet.

Pictures on the news are showing houses with just roofs showing, an entire valley covered in flood waters. People on the tops of trees, barely strong enough to hold them, waiting for rescue helicopters to pick them up. Another picture showed a human chain trying to fight its way out of the current towards higher land.

Fahim and I don’t watch the news much. The alert? A phone call from someone from church asking if we were okay. We live on the top of a hill – we’re fine. Four or five families from church aren’t so lucky – their houses are under water.


If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It just never ends.


Update: Some places received 36 cm of rain. That’s, what, 14 inches. Yowsa!

Power lines are out all over the place. Buildings and walls are collapsing, some buildings collapsing onto cars. Power lines are also collapsing.

Then there are the potholes, made ever worse by the rain. And when I say pothole, I’m really saying sinkhole. Big enough to capture buses. You know, the big kind that, in Canada, would hold 72 passengers but here are regularly used to transport double that. Yeah, that kind of bus.


And on another note, the new president is already the president. There doesn’t seem to be much, if any, waiting time between the election and when the pres. starts being on the job.

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