Write or Die?

<i><a href="http://writeordie.com/" target="_blank">Write or Die</a></i> is a software application that could be useful to you if you're a. a writer and b. procrastinate writing. As their slugline says, <i>Putting the &quot;Prod&quot; in Productivity! </i>Hopefully not a juiced-up electric cattleprod, though... 

<img src="http://lmashton.com/pics/drwicked.com.jpg" align="left" />With <i>Write or Die</i>, you type your text in their text editor, and whenever you switch from the text editor to, say, a browser to research canaries in Papua New Guinea, it starts a countdown. Or even if you just stop typing. If you don't return back to writing in the time you've set, there will be consequences. 

Like your text will start disappearing, word by word. :D Of course, that's Kamikaze Mode. 

Gentle Mode pops up a reminder to continue writing. Normal Mode will cause an unpleasant sound to play on your computer, and the sound won't stop until you start typing again. 

Plans include an Electroshock Mode. :D 

Caveat: The text box for this program is not an editor. You still have to copy and paste what you wrote into a word processing program if you want to keep it. 

Even though I'm not sure if I want to use this, I sure do appreciate the programmer's sense of humour. :) 
Author: LMAshton
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