Worm Infestation. Ew!


We had a major worm problem in our garbage. Everything here rots so fast. It’s the heat combined with humidity. I knew our garbage smelled, but it’s Fahim’s job to deal with that, so I ignored it. I mean, it couldn’t be that bad – he just took it out last Sunday. But today is supposed to be garbage day, so he goes to take the bag out of the can and stops breathing.

Of course he has to make me look at it. Seriously, why couldn’t he just be miserable on his own? Yegads.

And of course I had to look. I could have refused. I should have refused. But no. I looked. And now that image will be forever etched in my brain.

Please, gouge it out. I beg you.

And after Fahim took the garbage out and hosed down the garbage can, that’s when he suggests that we should have taken a picture of it for our gross gallery.

He’s right. We should have.

So. We had worms in our garbage. How bad could it be?


On the inside lid, there were something like 60 or a hundred worms crawling around. Little, as in half a centimetre long, juicy white worms.


And we also have flies and other flying insects in there. It’s all very gross and disgusting. But such is life in Sri Lanka.

Next time – if there is a next time – we’ll take a photo and post it here. Just so you, too, can lose your lunch.

The upside?

We hadn’t had breakfast yet. Nothing to lose.


Author: LMAshton
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1 thought on “Worm Infestation. Ew!

  1. Yes that sucks.But that’s an easy prob to fix,the worms are from the meat.So make sure you don’t mix the remains after cleaning meat(chicken,beef etc) with the other fresh refuse.Beef has a lot of worms,and causes a large number of diseases.

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