Witch’s Brew, also known as Paspanguwa

paspanguwa or witches brewWhen Fahim or I or, well, anyone else in this house, starts coming down with a cold, out comes the witch’s brew. 😀 Okay, so it’s not really witch’s brew, at least I don’t think it is, but rather, it’s an herbal cold remedy.

Unlike Western cold remedies that are designed to cover up all the symptoms, the Ayurvedic remedy seeks to boost the immune system and help the body get over the cold faster. Or something like that. 🙂

I call it witch’s brew because it’s all seeds and twigs and bark. 😀 Officially, it’s called Paspanguwa. It’s widely available at grocery stores under several brands, all of which contain ginger, coriander, pathpadagam, katuwelbatu, pepper.

And no, I have no idea what pathpadagam or katuwelbatu is. 😀 But after looking it up, I learn that pathpadagam is Mollugo cerviana, also known as Carpet Weed. And katuwelbatu is Solanum virginianum and is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Yeah, that’s all I got. 🙂

Oh, yeah. It tastes horrible. Absolutely vile. 🙁 But it works. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

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