Wildlife OUTSIDE our house

A few days ago, I saw eight bright green beautiful parrots sitting on the electric wire in front of our house. I’m amazed. Fahim was bored. I don’t care how commonplace that is here, I’ll never tire of it.

Fahim spotted a lizard on the roof. A couple of days later, I saw it, too, as it was climbing back onto the roof. A full two feet long, tail to head. And fat. So obviously eating quite well. We can hear it crawling up around there, but since it’s not bothering us, we ain’t bothering it.

Basically, Sri Lankans just accept their fate sharing accomodations with animals in the roof. It’s just part and parcel of life here. And since I married a Sri Lankan, I doubt anything will be done about it, especially since the lizard, like the polecats before in the old house, aren’t actually interacting with us in any way. They don’t come into our house, and they don’t come anywhere close enough to us for us to even touch them. As long as they keep their distance, I’m fine.

Author: LMAshton
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