Where in the world are Fahim and Laurie?

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Fahim and I have a new adventure happening. We’re flying off – theoretically, at least since we’re waiting to board the flight – to a new for us country.

Why? Because we can. 😛 Seriously, though, I’ll answer that in another post. 🙂

To where? Well, since I am nothing if not a little bit mean, I’m leaving it for you to guess. 🙂

Here’s what you need to know. We’re leaving early Monday morning from CMB – the Colombo international airport in Negombo, Sri Lanka. We have a very short layover in a city that both Fahim and I have spent time in. Then we’re on the second leg of our flight to a city and country that neither of us have been to before, which is where we plan on being for the next, uh, while. 🙂

The question before you are these:

  1. What is our stopover destination? Five points for guessing the correct country and an additional five points for guessing the correct city.
  2. What is our final destination? Fifteen points for guessing the correct country and 25 points for narrowing it down to the correct city.
  3. What is my favourite happy colour? Hint: I used to have it as a hair colour. A bonus 50 points for guessing correctly. Be specific.

That’s a total of, um, *counts fingers and toes* 100 points up for grabs. Whoever gets the most points wins! And what do you win? Why, you win my, uh, admiration. Yeah, that’s it! 😛 And, uh, respect. And, um… Yeah, that’s it. 😛

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3 thoughts on “Where in the world are Fahim and Laurie?

  1. Lynn, you’re close on the colour part. It’s really hot pink, so I’ll give you partial points of 25. 😀

    Nita, thanks!

    We had a stopover in Singapore and then landed in Auckland New Zealand. More info to follow…

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