We’re moving. We’re moving. We’re moving. We’re Moving

To a house with air conditioning.

But wait, there’s more!

The house we’re moving to is in the same neighborhood. As things turn out, we have to stay in this neighborhood in order to guarantee that we’ll have high speed internet still. Move to any other neighborhood, and it becomes very unlikely. And what with Fahim’s job being over the internet, that would be more important than any other consideration.

Good thing we found something in our neighborhood then, eh?

It’s huge. Four bedrooms, all with bathrooms, two sitting rooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, plus servant’s quarters including another kitchen and a servant’s bathroom on sort of 3 levels. It comes furnished, so we don’t need to worry about filling all those otherwise empty rooms. It has a water tank, so during water outages, we won’t have to use emergency water out of a bucket. It also has a geyser in our bedroom, meaning hot water for the rare occasions we’d want it. Our bedroom has air conditioning, plus we’ll install air conditioning in the living room (lowest level), but since it’s an open design, it’ll likely end up cooling most of the house, except for the bedrooms, which have doors that close. There’s also a patio upstairs off the sitting room up there and a deck sort of area just off the living room in the back of the house.

The house is nice. Tiled floors, decent tiled floors, not like the brown pottery-like ones we have now that soak up everything and never come clean. The kitchen is North American standard – clean. Not bug infested, not smelly, not gross and disgusting. No cupboards I’m scared to use or open, and yes, I even looked at the cupboard under the sink.

Finally, a kitchen I can live with. And here’s where I throw in the comment about how I wonder if this house is, at least partially, causing both Fahim and I to be sick so frequently. Cuz it’s not just me – he’s been sick a lot, too. But the new house is cleaner and will stay cleaner much longer, and that’s going to be really nice. I’m looking forward to it. In theory, in a week and a half to two weeks, we’ll be living over there.

It’s on the top of a hill, so we should get more breeze and fewer bugs like mosquitoes.

It also has a garage for the lone motorbike, plus it has gravelled parking for another vehicle. There’s a small garden area plus some potted plants – flowers, as far as I can tell. I’m planning on growing some herbs plus I have plans on some other things as well. I’ve finally found out about some local nurseries/garden supply places, so I’m going to see what kinds of seeds might be available. I’d like to grow some vegetables. There isn’t a lot of space available, so I’m more interested in growing things that we can’t get here and that we would enjoy. I like the idea of growing yams, for example. Sweet potatoes we can get very easily here, yams we can’t. Alas, I hate sweet potatoes and love yams.

If I can manage, I’d like to plant some fruit trees like banana, mango, papaya, lime, and strawberry guava. I won’t really know if it’s feasible until after we move in and see what kind of room we have (you know how faulty memories can be). Who knows, I may even convert part of the gravelled parking area into fruit trees or garden space. We’ll see. It also depends on how ambitious I get. 😀 And what our lease agreement lets me get away with.

The good thing, though, is that with no seasons, it doesn’t matter when I plant. No waiting for frost to end. Much easier to plan. Or, I suppose, much easier to not have to plan. Plant some now, see how much work it is, plant some more if I feel like it. Don’t get some seeds until October? Plant it then, no biggie. That is seriously the best part. I’ll be doing that as soon as we move. Into pots for the beginning at least. Plus some, like mint, have to stay potted or they’ll take over everything. It will also make cooking much easier and better because… Well, I think you already know the answer to that. 🙂

Our old place easily fits into the living room/dining room area. That should give you a really good idea of just how big it is. Yowsa!

Anyway, I think you’re getting the idea that we’re looking forward to this. 😀

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