We started watching my first Hindi movie.

Estere told Fahim that I would enjoy Hindi movies, so he decided to indoctrinate me. Okay, he probably would have anyway, but I found Estere’s comments funny. Estere’s sister, though, is married to a Muslim from India, so Estere’s more familiar with the culture and religion than anyone else I know from North America. Estere’s also seen Hindi movies.

Fahim tells me they’re formulaic. I’ll take his word for it. They are, for the most part, love stories. Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, have obstacles, and finally get together. There’s usually the anti-hero, the other guy trying to win her heart, or at least get married to her. There are the parents who don’t approve because both parties are supposed to enter into arranged marriages. There are the fight scenes, with the hero beating up a half dozen or a dozen guys. This one had a fight scene with only a half dozen guys. There’s singing and dancing, and it usually has absolutely nothing to do with plot development. Take out the singing and dancing and you’d have a two hour movie. With singing and dancing, you have a 3 ½ or 4 hour movie. And there’s an intermission in the middle.

Oh, and there are English subtitles, but the characters all throw English expressions into the movie. Speak mostly Hindi, but occasion English phrases come in. Most people in India speak this way, I’m told. Most people in India – at least in the cities – speak English. And the clothing – yes, there is the traditional Indian dress, but also western dress. I’m told that in the cities, this is typical – lots of western clothing, and fairly fashionable, too. In the rural areas, no western clothing.

Anyway, we only made it part way through the movie before bedtime hit.

And yes, I enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised. Fahim’s got a lot of Hindi movies.

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