We Shall Rebuild. A song for the tsunami relief efforts.

And another blasted song for relief is airing on the television right now. Corny. They’re all wearing white, and looking all artsy-fartsy as they wave their arms around and try to hit some high notes. They were mostly successful. Ouch! And swaying back and forth as if trying to enforce an image of togetherness. With images of destruction interspersed with pictures of archaeological relics – ancient statues, working elephants, flag waving, and all sorts of stuff that’s supposed to make us feel good about the future. We Shall Rebuild.

I’m being cynical.

It doesn’t help that they’re laughing and smiling and being all happy and having a good time making the damn video and singing the damn song as images of the dead and dying flash by.

How would the relatives and friends of those who died feel when they see this song? Don’t these people realize that they’re looking completely heartless? The least they can do is be a little sober, not having the time of their lives.

Fahim wasn’t overly impressed either. Those last words were his. Except for the expletives. Those were mine. I didn’t have my glasses on, so I wasn’t paying attention to facial expressions, so I was allowing for possible misinterpretation on my side for not having perfect vision as I watched the thing. Although even in my glasses-less state, it sure looked like they were enjoying the heck out of themselves.

Fahim also admits that he would have been much harsher than I was.


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