Water Tanks On Houses

water tanks on houses in Sri LankaWe have somewhat frequent water outages here, and they can last 12 hours or longer. Fahim even tells me of times when water’s been out for days at a time. Ouch!

Knowing that, it’s not surprising to learn that people here, when they can afford to do so, have water tanks for emergency water situations.

Those tanks are typically on the top of the house, perhaps the roof or the highest floor. We have one, and it’s plastic, as are most of the water tanks that I’ve seen.

The one in the photo at the top, however, looks like it’s a concrete basin, unlike the plastic one Fahim is trying to fix in the bottom photo.water tanks in houses in Sri Lanka

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Author: LMAshton

3 thoughts on “Water Tanks On Houses

  1. Actually, I think many people in the west are spoiled. I have seen people take the concept of running water for granted. I, personally, myself am considering installing a rainbarrel for outside/garage water. Yes, I have plenty of free running water and I not experienced outages or great restriction… But I also don’t take that fact for granted. I wish more people were aware that water, clean, is a luxury. Plus, I can do my part to conserve, not waste and cut down on the bill, right?

  2. Looks real interesting. I think it’s some sort of similiar thing in Cyprus, but they don’t have water tanks on a roof. I think they have one giant water tank for villages, and if it runs out than that’s it! lol They have to wait until the water comes down when it rains of course.
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