Watching the evening news

I see footage of rivers with dead bodies floating down it. Dead bodies lined up in hallways, some covered in plastic, others not, all waiting for identification or burial. Dead bodies lying on the beach because there’s no one to remove them. School buses, the big ones, littering the beach like tinker toys. Fishing boats scattered across the beach and in the water, some on their sides, some stuck in one end or the other, others stacked on top of each other. Many listing to one side or the other. People walking around with their dead children in their arms, others begging for help finding their family. Rubble everywhere. Can’t tell if it belonged to a house, a hut, or an office building or store. Vehicles sitting at odd angles in feet of mud.

People bringing food, clothing, and other household goods to collection depots. Mountains of donated goods waiting to be sorted.

Epidemics are expected Fresh drinking water is a problem – salt water got into the wells. Dead bodies, both human and animal, are also contaminating the water.

Author: LMAshton
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