Urinating in Public is a No-No?


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The municipal corporation in the western Indian city of Jaipur has announced a bold initiative to prevent urination on the streets.

It is all set to impose fines of 20 rupees (50 US cents), more than an average day’s wages for many Indians.

"It will be taken as a charge for clearing up the mess," said Jaipur’s Mayor Ashok Parnmi.

The civic body has also amended its rules to increase fines in cases related to the clearing of dirt.


The offenders are overwhelmingly men who are also inclined to spit in public as well. But so far there are no signs that that they will also be penalised for this habit.

He said the money collected by the anti public urination drive would be used to clean and beautify the city.

But local people are not happy with new rules in a country where the authorities often cast a blind eye on males relieving themselves in public.

Local resident Sharad Bhardwaj said the corporation should first develop a better toilet infrastructure and build more urinals. He complains that the existing ones are over-used and filthy.

"If there are no urinal, where do you expect us to go?" he asked.

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I wish them luck. When I lived in Vancouver, areas of the city inhabited by Indians (NOT the First Nations variety in North America, mind you), I frequently saw men urinating in public. Usually against a building, but only when a building was available. Then it was up for grabs where it would land.


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