Uh, OOOOPS!!!!

I got an email from Leena today asking what happened because my blog was no longer on my site. Was I okay?

Hey, Leena, I hope you don’t mind me repeating it here.


Hi, Laurie.

What happened with the Sri Lanka blog? I guess that is a bit personal to ask, in a way, but I really enjoyed the blog and was quite involved in reading about your marriage and experiences there.  I hope everything is okay.

– Leena


I can see the wheels churning – not just in Leena’s mind, but in everyone and anyone’s who’s been reading this blog regularly: Did Laurie and Fahim have a major fight? Did they split up? Has Laurie been kicked out of the country? Did Fahim piss Laurie off that much? Is he a wife beater after all? Are they getting a divorce?

Seriously, folks, I’d love to know what other thoughts were running through your heads at this. I think sometimes my brain is a little too linear, and I’d like to experience what you experienced – vicariously. 🙂

And a serious thank you to Leena for emailing me the question.

You see, neither Fahim nor I was aware that I had overwritten my Sri Lankan site with my Family History site.


Well, I’ve been having serious back pain the last couple of weeks, and major headaches to go along with that, and I tell you, there are certain things that I should never do when I’ve got headaches that bad.

One of them is publishing my website. Updating it through FrontPage. Another is writing sensitive email. Or writing anything else, for that matter, that should be logical, clear, and make sense to someone, anyone. Or anything that requires any amount of detail oriented thinking, or logic, or anything like that.

Or put the dishes away (I dropped a lid and it cracked. 🙁 Shhh! Please don’t tell Fahim!!! He doesn’t know it yet!) Or use a melmac spoon to remove anything that’s being deep fried from boiling oil. Cuz it causes things like that to develop open sores.

I think I should take a picture of it. It’s kinda funny. Looks like the spoon has small pox.

And yeah, Fahim already knows about that spoon. Funny thing. Even though I kept on using it, I never even noticed anything. Fahim had to point it out to me. 🙁

So. Like I said, nothing that requires all synapses firing. Nope.

I will republish my web site and uh, well, let’s hope my brain isn’t this scrambled in the future.

Oh, and I really didn’t answer the question, did I?

Well, Fahim and I did have a major blow out fight. He beat me so bad that, well, I was too embarassed to say this before, but since I was confronted with a direct question, I feel like I can’t lie about it anymore. He broke my back, and I’m now paralyzed from the waist down, and the acupuncturist is using his needles to repair the nerve damage that Fahim caused. That’s the real reason for my visits to the acupuncturist dude.

Fahim, by the way, has been thrown in jail for beating me, and he’s been given the death penalty. Luckily, I bought a life insurance policy on him for 100 million Rupees, so I’ll live quite comfortably. Oh, and they’re letting me pull the trigger. It’s scheduled for next week Tuesday. And the insurance check will be handed over to me five minutes later – the insurance adjuster is attending the shooting at Fahim’s request. He’s ever so thoughtful, isn’t he?

Yeah, not even close to being believable, is it? Again, it’s the headache. It’s hard to twist a good yarn when my brain is still in state non-functional.

Okay, the real honest to goodness truth?

Fahim is the most wonderful man in the world, and we’re still madly in love, smitten in fact, and ours is the kind of love that transcends time, distance, and everything else. We’re a perfect match – we were made for each other since the beginning of time, and it’s all a part of God’s plan that we were brought together the way that we were. Fahim’s an incredible man and I love him. We’re that couple – the ones that the rest of you look at and wonder how we can still be so in love after twenty or thirty or sixty years of marriage and we’re gray and sagging in all the wrong places, and he with his false teeth and me with my cane still hold hands and look deeply in each other’s eyes. And it helps that he’s so darn cute!

Is that too much gushiness for the lot of you?

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