Two images of poverty in Sri Lanka

It’s difficult to understand what abject poverty can really mean. To someone in a relatively wealthy nation like Canada or the US, it likely means something distinctly different from someone who lives in a third world country like Sri Lanka.

Here is a picture with a business in the middle.

These buildings could be occupied by businesses or they could be residential – without seeing the other side, I have no way of knowing. The building on the right, with pieced-together corrugated metal sheets for walls, honestly could be either.

What I can tell you, though, is that none of these buildings are abandoned and unoccupied.

Please note that in both pictures, the buildings are close to the railroad tracks on government land that is supposed to remain unoccupied. But in a country like this, where land is scarce and people have nowhere else to live, they tend to squat on any available piece of land they can.

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Author: LMAshton

1 thought on “Two images of poverty in Sri Lanka

  1. thanks for sharing, it is hard to see. There is so much those of us w/o those challenges need to do to help others. thanks for the reminders.

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