Tsunami News

Geological experts have declared that Sri Lanka has not been affected the island’s geological location. The geological location of Sumatra has changed, however.

How . . . interesting.

Colin Powell pledged an additional $10 million in aid to Sri Lanka. He also went to Galle to see the damage there firsthand and met with our crazy president.

Kofi Annan also arrived for a two day visit.

What I don’t understand about the news here is why they have to show so much footage of . . . nothing. Okay, not nothing, exactly, but with no commentary explaining the picture. Like they’re incapable of showing pictures and commenting at the same time. It’s so difficult. No, no, they can’t do it that way. It’s like chewing gum and riding a bicycle – impossible!

And they have to show boring footage of those big yellow industrial thingies with scoopers scooping up waste – rubble and whatnot – into dump trucks. Because that’s the most exciting footage they can get to fit the theme.

What, we don’t understand how dump trucks work? We don’t understand that some people are going to have to shovel rubble with their bare hands? We have to see it in action!

I seriously wonder at the intelligence levels of those people running the news here, I really do. Or maybe it’s their attitude of the perceived intelligence of their viewers.

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