Today, I wore a shalwaar to church

The pink one with aqua and purple embroidery that Fahim’s mom gave to me.

And I got many compliments on it. 😀

The shawl is really long – down to the floor both front and back when I wear it over my shoulder – so I wondered if perhaps I should shorten it. So, I asked a few women at church who regularly wear shalwaars, and they quickly assured me that it was perfectly fine and the shawls come in all sorts of lengths, so no worries.

This is the first time I’ve worn a shalwaar to church. 😀 I like it. They’re comfortable, and yet still dressy. It’s a dress. No, wait, they’re pants! No, wait, it’s the incredible shalwaar!

Even Ike and Lou like it. Well, but Lou has also talked about getting herself one. That, and a sari. Cuz, you know, you can’t spend this much time in this part of the world and not have a sari or a shalwaar. Right?


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