Today, I eat jello

If you know my dislike for jello, you’ll understand that this, of course, means I’m sick.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, make all the jokes you want. :p

Fahim is as well, but he’s mostly better and I don’t think as bad as I was. It’s some kind of stomach bug, and I think I started with it Saturday afternoon. Since then, I’ve been doing the soup thing.

My aversion to jello? Well, I never really liked it much, but back when I had gallbladder problems, before I had the thing yanked, I had vicious mean bulldog attacks that were incredibly painful, as I’m told all gallbladder attacks are, that lasted for upwards of 13 hours. Because of the state of health care in British Columbia, I would have been put on the surgical waiting list (6 months or more) had I actually had that appointment with the surgeon. In BC, gallbladder patients are not admitted for surgery through emergency, or so the hospital staff told me the first half dozen or so times I was admitted with attacks.

Anyway, while waiting for my initial surgical consult, I was put on a fat-free diet. And when I say fat-free, what I’m really saying is that chicken breast, skim milk, and bread all had too much fat for me to eat without having an attack. I ended up eating jello and applesauce, and applesauce and jello, and jello and applesauce for the last couple of months.


Those were the only things I could actually keep down.

And then even those gave me attacks…

I still remember the look on the doctor’s face when he asks, at the hospital with yet another 13 hour gallbladder attack, what I’d eaten. "Applesauce." Is that all? he asks. "No, I also had some jello." Is that all? "No, I had some more applesauce."

And I was admitted to the hospital for surgery.

Meanwhile, my skin had turned green, peeled off in sheets, and I had hair coming out of my head in clumps – all from not enough fat consumption. Ah well.

I kept my appointment for the surgical consult. It was my follow-up appointment to make sure I was healing fine from surgery.

And that would be the nail in the coffin for jello.

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