Today has been a mostly no water day

It’s been like this since early this morning. Well, not early exactly, but . . . Since Fahim doesn’t work Sundays and Mondays, but I tend to have pretty busy Sundays with all my responsibilities at church and all, we take Monday as our play day. Which also means we sleep in.

Until 7.

Then Oberon’s cries for food become ever more pervasive, the light’s coming in the windows, and I’m waking up anyway. Even though I still feel tired. I try to persuade Fahim to stay in bed – he’s been exhausted for a week. I don’t think he’s been getting enough sleep, and he agrees with me. Which can only mean it’s much worse than I originally thought. 😛

So. Up at 7.

But we’re not going anywhere today. He doesn’t feel like it. So we’ll buy my new digital camera next week. At least I have a better idea of what features I’d like. Like at least an 8x optical zoom and 4 megapixels, for example. And . . . well, the list becomes increasingly technical from this point on.

Point being that we’re not going anywhere today, so there was no hurry to hop into the shower. Besides, we’d had water pressure issues all morning. Well, yesterday, too. So I was hoping the water pressure would pick up.

So when I went to take a shower at a leisurely 9, and there was no water at all, I was not a happy camper. A smelly camper, yes. But happy?

Ah, no.

Fahim went out to get packets a little after noon, and he passed the repair crews on the way. They’d dug up the water main just down the road and around the corner. So yes, the water department is aware there’s a problem here. 🙂

We finally got water back around 3:30 or so. What do I do?

I immediately hop in the shower.

But I evidently jumped the gun a bit. Because, you see, water drizzled down to a slow trickle. After I’d tossed the conditioner in my hair and had just started rinsing the soap off. So I stood under the drops, watching them go from a small stream to a steady trickle to individual drops to . . . nothing.

I gave up after standing under the non-flowing taps for a few minutes, sat on the toilet, and read a book. That lasted for five minutes and still, no water. Fahim!

Yep, we had to use our reserve water to rinse me off. Yep, being married sure can come in handy sometimes! He’s a good water pourer!

Now, much later as it is, water is back. It’s intermittent pressure, but at least it’s back. Oh, and it was visibly brown for a while, but let it run through and it’s clear again. As for the taste . . . well, that probably won’t ever change. 🙂

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