To Blog Or Not To Blog

Isn’t really the question. The question is . . . How much can I actually catch up?

I haven’t written my blog in about a month due to the Book In a Month challenge. I didn’t win. I didn’t reach my goal. But I did write 195 pages in one month, and that’s the most I’ve ever written in that short a time period . . . ever . . . So, while there are disappointments, there are also achievements. I give myself a tiny pat on the back for achieving that much and I vow I will improve on that. And here’s the kicker – I know I can. There was a week or so in there that I didn’t write anything at all, and one day, I wrote 24 pages. That’s pretty impressive to me. The part about writing 24 pages in a day, not hte slacking part. But the slacking part – well, think about it. I actually wrote 195 pages in about 3 weeks of actual work days. That, to me, is pretty good. Okay, so there are other writers who manage more, but cut me some slack – I’m still working on it.

So here’s what I’m going to do about catching up the past month. I’ve made notes on some of the days events, and as I write those days, I’ll make a note in the current blog which days in the past I’ve written about. In theory, this’ll mean you can go back and read the fill in the blank stuff. In theory, this should make sense. We’ll see how many people comment on this with "uh, what?"

Here’s today.

. . .

Yep. That’s pretty much it.

Author: LMAshton
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