This is kinda scary

I get a lot of chain mail. I generally don’t like the vast majority of it, and some of it is downright inflammatory and prejudiced against various groups, whether they be racial, religious, or cultural. Or the chain mail is based on a pack of lies. Either way, I’m a skeptic.

So I tend to go to sites like Snopes to verify authenticity if a chain email got my attention because of it’s over-the-top hatred or that sort of thing. And yeah, I tend to email the sender of the email with a correction. 😀 Because I can. 🙂

And then there are pages like this one. People emailing Snopes to find out if something is true or not.

—–Begin Quote

if anyone understands what im saying please e-mail me at this e-mail adress.

does anyone here bilieve that there are aliens in other planets? who really made us is there really a god? im not saying there isnt but who made god? seriously please answer back at me

—–End Quote

Right. Because people have only been discussing this and debating it for how many thousands of years. So yeah, they’ll respond with a definitive answer immediately, even though most of the plant can’t agree. But Snopes knows – they’re just holding out on everyone. *rolls eyes*

—–Begin Quote

can you tell me how i would analyze the effect each statistic has on the world.

—–End Quote

Sure, we can do that, and in 15 words or less, too!

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