There’s a squirrel hanging from my roof!

I’m getting dressed after taking a shower and staring out the window.

This particular window looks out over the roof of the living room. There was a drain pipe that came down a wall until it broke off – now there’s a pipe hole where the water gushes out and on to the roof. And beside that, there’s a hole that leads into the roof.

And there was a furry bum hanging down.

The furry bum is moving and shaking and swaying around until the furry bum decides it’s had enough, then swings itself around to climb around the edge of the roof and on to the top surface.

The furry bum now becomes recognizable as a squirrel.

The squirrel slips and hangs on by two paws, trying to get a better grip to pull itself up.

And loses entirely.

It lands on the roof below.

Recovered, it looks around, and carefully darts off, looking around every few feet or so for predators like our roof lizards.

It escapes, still alive.

Author: LMAshton

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