The New Maid, Part Deux

So*. She, the new maid, speaks no English, and it seems she understands very little as well. Poor Fahim has to translate everything. 🙁 On the plus side, she’s a decent cook – we liked her fish and veggie curries – and got more done than Girllie, the old maid, did. But then, Girllie got lazy and figured we were dependant on her. That seems to be what happens here.


On another note, new maid also ran a song and dance past Fahim in a plea to ask for more money.

See, her father’s in the hospital awaiting surgery to replace the lenses in his eyes. Hmm, sounds like cataract surgery to me, which is outpatient, and a 15 minute procedure. I know because I have cataracts and have done my research. But this is Sri Lanka, so possibly she’s telling the truth, or at least a somewhat version of it.

Anyway, she’s poor, and all her sibs are paying for the operating and she feels bad because she has no money to pitch in and could we please give her more.

I roll my eyes at stuff like this. Seriously, I do. Mother died, father in the hospital, brother in jail, sister broke a leg, auntie needs an operation, grandmother died, grandfather is sick… Excuses and pity pleas abound here. And lots of people hit me up for money. I’m white, therefore I’m rich, don’t’cha know?

Anyway. We’re going to give her some more. Fahim feels sorry for her, and honestly, she’s done a decent enough job today that I have no problem giving her a bonus. Who knows if we’ll see her again, though. It’s unpredictable.

Anyway. We’ve asked for her to come back on Saturday to finish cleaning the rest of the house. We’ll see.

Author: LMAshton

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